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Short Film Friday — April 19th, 2013

April 19, 2013



30 for 30: Holy Grail
Dir: Barnacle Bros.
Running Time: 14:11

A exploration of the history of the famous Honus Wagner T206 card, the most expensive card ever sold (most recently for $2.8m in a private sale). Known as the “Gretzky card” for former owner Wayne Gretzky, the card has reached almost mythic status in the card collecting world, even going as far as revitalizing a flagging industry. But was the card altered to pad its value?


American Tintype
Dir: Matt Morris
Running Time: 3:54

Straight from it’s debut at the Florida Film Festival is this short documentary about one man’s rediscovery of an old photography form, the collodian plate-based tintype, which put the daguerreotype out of business by the time of the Civil War.


The Beatles Performing Shakespeare in Colour
Dir: (unknown)
Running Time: 7:13

This is just a funny little ditty that the lads did for Shakespeare’s 400th birthday on the BBC. The audio is a little rough, but the Beatles are at their best, funny and charming as they butcher the Bard.

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