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Richard Reep and Kimberly Mathis present works in Contemplatives art show

April 4, 2013
'Why Do I Have To Do It All' by Kimberly D. Mathis

‘Why Do I Have To Do It All’ by Kimberly D. Mathis

Friday, April 5 – Contemplatives
6 p.m.
through April 28
Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E. Winter Park Road

It’s an eternal issue in a town our size: The people who can write knowledgeably about any given art form are usually active practitioners of that art form as well. Consider that our disclosure that, yes, this art show features work by one of our contributing writers, architect and artist Richard Reep. But that’s not the reason we’re covering the show. We love the theoretical underpinnings of both these artists’ work: Reep’s assemblages of construction-site waste interwoven with books and other objects speak clearly on themes of reinvention and reclamation, while Kimberly Mathis’ new series of hand-built ceramic medallions delves into aspects of motherhood and work/life balance. Though their work doesn’t look similar, in a sense both artists are exploring life’s circular nature. – Jessica Bryce Young

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