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Feelings … nothing more than feelings …

April 11, 2013

Feeling sad

Facebook decided to take a page from MySpace’s book with their new feelings emoticons, but I think they could’ve used a touch more of the pizzazz that MySpace gets flamed for. Updating my feelings on MySpace was the first dang status update I can remember making, and I definitely was among the silly first crop of Facebook adopters. (WE DIDN’T KNOW IT WOULD GO THIS FAR.) Many of Facebook’s emoticons don’t really connect enough to the prescribed feeling for me, although nothing will top what G-chat does with the <3 animation.

Here are the ones that are particularly questionable:

Feeling blessed

… to have gotten a lobotomy?

Feeling alone lonely

… great, now while I’m sitting at home alone on Facebook, I have to decide whether it’s more accurate to say I’m alone or lonely.

Feeling annoyed

… that you couldn’t acquire the TM for Grumpy Cat’s likeness?

Feeling lost

… you lost me when you turned my mouth into a dotted line.

Feeling sexy


Feeling fresh determined

… both of these fail to communicate the intended feeling and only really seem to add up to a couple of low-level henchman or ’80s teen bullies up to no good.

Feeling free curious

Feeling good lost curious

Feeling better good

… I’m guessing this was right about when your Five Hour Energy petered out?

Not that any of this matters.

Feeling meh

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