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Japan’s hottest club is McDonald’s

April 24, 2013

The state of the world today: Not since the crap-confluence of the Great Plains Dust Bowl and the 1929 stock market crash (history!) has it been harder to get even a shitty McJob; and yet, never has the quality of little bites of McEntertainment been higher, or production of said McFunMcBits easier; or availability more widespread.

So, Japan, with their known genius for being the first place you find something you didn’t know you needed, has combined the two: Commercials for McDonald’s no longer try to convince viewers to buy pale, limp “meat” disks, but instead promote the (FUN!) idea of working at McDonald’s. I mean, hey, undeniable: The Dancing McCrew does look superfun, from McCappuccino breakdown to hand-washing beat-drop. Drop that diploma and pick up a disco whistle!


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