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Florida Film Fest review: Mr. CHRISTMAS

April 10, 2013











Filmmaker Nick Palmer promises to tell the story of a man obsessed with his dazzling display of Christmas lights in his mini-documentary Mr. Christmas. The film falls short of delivering. Bruce Mertz, the subject of the film doesn’t come off as someone who is obsessed with anything. He simply seems like a lonesome elderly man who takes pride and joy in his displays and their ability to give joy to others. While Bruce Mertz‘s collection of 50,000 lights is respectable in size. It doesn’t appear that large or impressive in the film.

Mertz’s display may dazzle the local towns folk in Concord, CA, but it comes off as small potatoes in this region. The footage would have been better suited for a special local news report or a longer documentary featuring others with large Christmas light displays. Jennings Osborne would have been a much better subject for the film. His light display featured millions of lights. It was so large that he had to appeal his right to display them all the way to US Supreme Court, which ultimately led to Disney’s acquisition of the display back in 1995.