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Yeah, That’s Heavy: Girls Names, Adrian Younge, Doppelgangaz and more on this week’s playlist

March 13, 2013


Howdy ya’ll! Just wanted to take a second to recognize Caitlin Rose for last week’s effort The Stand-In for restoring my faith in country musicians born after 1987. Now, on to new tunes!

Girls Names The New Life

Irish pop subversion has never been broodier. Girls Names of Belfast (not the Ontario grindcore karaoke band, sorry punx) assemble an aphotic overcast picnic of pop, surf and intimately sprinkled guitar delays in their newest LP The New Life. The climate conspectus remains relatively moody throughout, but structure invigorates a hopeful sway even amongst the somber, and dare I say gothic, vocal choices. It’s hardly negative but bequeaths a believable soundtrack to mildly unfortunate realities. Like, making the best of a rainy day but coming out having found more enjoyment than the initial itinerary intended. The instrumental synergy of complementary, not cloned, guitar tracks sway to the rallying percussive bounce and may insight non-committal dancing. You’ve been warned.

Necrocurse Grip of the Dead

YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE NECROCURSE. Okay, I’ll cut the theatrics. If you’re a metal head in Orlando, odds are you have a soft spot for old school death metal. NC features Hellbutcher from the heretical Nifelheim and sports support from members of Runemagick and Masticator. I’ll admit: it took until 1:45 on the second track, also titled “Necrocurse,” to totally sell me on this, but that rhythm change into the super-charged shredding solo did the trick. Songs don’t overstay their welcome, and the whole record is chock full of well-conditioned leads, churning low end rhythms and a belly full of blasts. If you like your death metal dirty, and aren’t immediately offended by sacrilege for Satan, your workout music for today is taken care of.

The Doppelgangaz – Hark

Hark, a duo! Hadn’t heard of these dudes before this past weekend, and that’s totally my loss, especially with (unintentionally) kvlt names like Matter Ov Fact and EP. In addition to releasing two full-on LPs, they’ve also released two A-class instrumental volumes entitled Beats For Brothels I & II in which both members appear completely cloaked on the cover and could’ve fooled the average poser into thinking they were Sunn O))). Their combined verbatim vernacular doesn’t feign behind the undeniably voracious head-bobbing orchestration. Must-not-miss lines include topics like bursitis in the elbow, sweetening up the finer things in life (like moscato) and living right with that smang life. If you enjoy your hip-hop with thought-provoking lyricism rife with sincere aggression, then this is the duo for you-o. And if you’re an MC, be sure to work both volumes of their instrumentals into your routine to enhance your wordy workout.

Adrian Younge – Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics

Don’t look now, listen instead, because Adrian Younge just pulled the rip cord on his ultra-dynamic time machine. Clicking play will automatically transport you to 1973. That familiar voice reminding you that “it’s okay, you’ve found love” is none other than William Hart, lead singer of The Delfonics. So essentially this record features vocals from one the most memorable soul singers of the era AND Younge commanding an “electric piano, Hammond organ, Hohner Clavinet, harpsichord, synthesizer, vibraphone, guitar, bass, flute, sax, cello, and drums” all in one. This LP is smoother than a newborn sliding around on marble floor, and it feels like a soundtrack to a movie, but there was never a need for any cinematography because it would just tangle up the continuity and beauty of the stories being shared in song. I’d fork over a hefty sum just to see Adrian and Bilal play back-to-back sets. OH yeah, and Adrian is releasing another collaborative LP next month with fucking Ghostface Killah. Don’t be stupid, keep up with this savant status composer. I hope to see even more collaborative work from him in the future.

The Saint James SocietyBab(a/y)lon Rising

Oddly, and probably comically, described as “Pentecostal desert glam,” The Saint James Society has knocked my ghost loose (straight from the shell). Their unified, psychedelic energy depicts potential for cosmic interstellar space travel via toasty harmonies and an unparalleled knack for creating an individual journey for each morsel. They don’t skimp on the trip-inducing, cross-sexed vocal harmonies either, which will ensure a successful lift-off if the thousand pound fuzz littered guitar tone alone didn’t immediately eat your fuse. These cats win Rookie of the Week from me since this one is their debut, and I hope they never break up ever. Cross yer fingers and toes with me if you concur!

Honorable Mentions

Rachel Zeffira The Deserters (Dream Pop)

Eric Clapton – Old Sock (Clapton Cares Not About Your Silly Genres)

 Spencer Day – The Mystery Of You (Handsome Man Cabaret)

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