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Update on Lake Eola swan attack

March 12, 2013


We’re a little behind here (putting out a beer issue turns out to be a lot harder than you’d think), but here’s a quick update on the fatal attack on a Lake Eola swan by a dachshund.

The Orlando Police Department says that detectives were able to determine through an investigation that “this was an intentional act by the dog owner.” In other words, the dog owner let the dog off to leash to attack the swan, which was later euthanized at a vet hospital due to nerve damage. A man named Lawrence Labonte was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals and fighting or baiting animals.

In other news, local dog trainer/behaviorist Teena Patel from the University of Doglando released a PSA-type video about responsible dog ownership in the wake of the swan attack.

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  • Concerned Duck

    What about the dead mallard Duck found 10 ft away. No one seems to care about that.

  • kat

    did this same dog kill a duck too that day?