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Tenacious D head to Hard Rock Live

March 10, 2013
photo by Michael Elins

photo by Michael Elins

Monday, March 11 – Tenacious D
7 p.m.
Hard Rock Live
6050 Universal Blvd.

They’ve been around for 20 years, so it might shock you to know that the Greatest Band on Earth didn’t have a Grammy to their name until earlier this year. And it was for … comedy? Hmm. We don’t get it. Anyway, after their long hiatus (so Jack Black could spew and flutter his way through a bunch of movies), Hollywood Jack and Rage Kage are finally touring again. Look for Black and Kyle Gass to bring the demonic guitar solos and operatic rock bellowing you love them for and leave the backing band behind, because this time they’re going “old school acoustic style.” Which is ironic, because probably the best thing Black has done in the past few years is start the “Gearmanndude Pedal Demo” channel on YouTube, where he anonymously (for a while) tested every weirdo effects box he could get his hot little gearhead hands on – thus enriching the world with actual knowledge in addition to all the dick jokes he’s gifted us with over the years. – Jessica Bryce Young

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