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Dear Robert Zimmerman: Flipping the bird isn’t an offense punishable by death

March 25, 2013

While we were putting today’s issue to press, a new bizarre drama surrounding George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin to death in Sanford last year, was unfolding. And Zimmerman has his brother to thank for this one.

The Wonkette blog pointed out Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., went on a Twitter rampage yesterday and compared Martin to another teen in Georgia who allegedly shot a baby in the face while attempting to rob his mother. Zimmerman posted an image to Twitter showing photos of 17-year-old De’Marquise Elkins flipping the bird and an image of Trayvon Martin doing the same thing, with the line: “A picture speaks a thousand words. Any questions?”

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.50.28 PM


He then goes on to expound on his egregious photo comparison:

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.58.35 AM

After he was called out for his completely racist commentary, he insists that he’s not being racist – it’s the system. The only reason his brother was arrested, he says, is because Martin was black and George Zimmerman was “alleged white.” Not, you know, because Zimmerman killed an unarmed kid.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.55.09 AM

He also insists tweets (repeatedly) that everyone has a right to self-defense.


Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.52.46 AM

And most recently, he insisted that George Zimmerman would have been brutally murdered by Trayvon Martin if he hadn’t shot the teen to death first.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 6.38.35 PM

Why? Because Trayvon Martin was “threatening2kill” the large man who was pursuing him, and “moving2disarm some1″ who had an (allegedly) concealed weapon. And in doing so, clearly, he was guilty of “causing” his own death.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 7.14.30 PM

Zimmerman’s not helping his brother’s case (or public perception) any. All his posts have managed to do is dredge up the bottom-feeders who eat this kind of thing up, galvanize the people who are racist and are dying for another reason to take potshots at a dead kid, and disgust everybody else.

1. Reverse racism is also racism, and playing the white (or “alleged white”) victim card is no better than playing any other racial card.

2. Flipping the bird is not an offense punishable by death. Neither is having a Twitter handle that’s crude, stupid or obnoxious (something Robert Zimmerman repeatedly takes Martin to task for, as if it’s also proof that the unarmed Martin was a threat).

3. Self-defense is a fundamental right. Even for an unarmed 17-year-old kid being followed by an adult man after dark. There’s a pretty good chance Martin was also pretty scared for his life when he was stalked by a dude who obviously came close enough to him to get into a fight, then shoot him.

4. Martin allegedly punched Zimmerman and broke his nose, but he didn’t have a weapon on him. How was he planning to kill Zimmerman exactly?

5. If Zimmerman’s weapon was not already out or revealed, why would Martin have been “moving2disarm” him? How would he have known Zimmerman had a gun? If Zimmerman revealed that he had a gun, doesn’t that mean that Martin had even more reason to panic and try to defend himself? And doesn’t that take us back to the right to self-defense again?

Finally, Zimmerman makes a big issue of the alleged attempt by the media to hide negative images of Martin from public view. He wants to know why everyone’s “hiding” photos of the kid giving the finger, dressed in gangsta-looking clothes, looking sullen. Well, here you go, in plain sight – and pretty easy to find with a simple Google search – is a photo of Trayvon Martin. Being a 17-year-old. Giving the finger. Like kids on Twitter and Facebook do all the time. BFD. It doesn’t make him a killer. It doesn’t make him an aspiring murderer. It’s not a crime. And it doesn’t make it acceptable to compare him to a kid who shot a baby in the face.


Whether George Zimmerman is guilty or not, Robert Zimmerman Jr. is definitely guilty of being an idiot.

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  • MeriC

    and 7, the kid on the left isn’t flipping the bird, He’s throwing signs.

  • crch

    You noticed.

  • Visiting

    He needs a slap for his dreadful grammar.

  • Ed

    It’s more than merely flipping the bird. The pic feeds into the thug persona Trayvon was adopting and this other teens Facebook page was littered with gang references. He looked like a blood.

  • Boyd Cord

    His brother killed the kid and they continue to kill him., He can’t defend himself. The Zimmerman’s are ugly people as their cousin described them as.

  • Kristin Keene

    Excellent piece Erin!!!!

  • lee cawthon

    the Zimmerman camp is desperate…..little Georgey is really scared……Zippy wont do well in prison if he is convicted…..there are REAL thugs in prison….not the imaginary kind Georgey was always calling the cops about every time the wind blew……the Zipster knows his fate is at hand…..his attorney trying to delay the case every five minutes is making Zippy even more nervous…..the gavel will fall……it wont be long now….

  • Mermaiden

    The ZIMMERMAN FAMILY: MURDER. PERJURY. LIARS. HATERS. I am sick of this family. PLEASE, GO AWAY. You are disgusting people, and your fifteen minutes was over A YEAR AGO.

  • Mermaiden

    WE HAVE ALL WAITED LONG ENOUGH. Who is bankrolling this LAWYER FEST?

  • decktrio

    Who cares? When I was in middle and high school a bunch of the kids around me were adopting violent antifa appearances. It didn’t actually make any of them violent. See, the thing about adolescence, is that most of us go through those embarrassing phases. It’s just a shame Trayvon Martin didn’t get to outgrow his.

  • Jaime Andres Pretell

    One, twitter posts are notoriously bad because you can’t post at length and in trying to shorten thoughts, you can be misconstrued. I would ask Robert Zimmerman to post a whole diatribe to get a better picture of what he was trying to say. Obviously Martin was not the same. One, he wasn’t out looking for a victim. Two, he was giving the finger, not flashing gang signs. But there are some similarities. Both seem to have enjoyed the whole being tough gangster persona promoted by gangsta rap. Posing with money, acting tough, swearing a lot are very common in people who follow this type of music lifestyle. Including White guys who do the exact same poses. But while one combined it with possible anti white hate and violent burglary, the other didn’t. But that toughman persona, that ” white people call the cops, black people call their cousins” mentality may have cost Martin his life. He was being followed, and he did not know for what purpose. He did not know if it was legal or not. It so happens that if there is no illegal intent, following is absolutely legal. Martin could have called the cops, or his father. He had a cell phone. He could have run away. But he did none of these things. That means he wasn’t in so much fear. Martin could have confronted Zimmerman and asked him what he wanted. But without punching. And that is the crux. Unless someone can prove Zimmerman threw the first punch, Martin chose to become the aggressor.

  • Sean

    Robert Zimmerman Jr. in the past has come across on television as someone very thoughtful, intelligent, eloquent and cerebral. He was actually a very good advocate for his brother, George. Even on Bill Maher he told the public viewing audience that even he and his brother have black ancestry through their Afro-Peruvian mother’s genealogy. Now Robert Jr. through his twitter account has come across as a paranoid wing nut who seems to think that young black men are the Zombie apocalypse, thereby sabotaging his earlier past efforts advocating for his brother. Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

  • Pamela Irwin

    Wow – you’re making up stuff & expecting everyone to believe it! I’ll stick with the official evidence which says that Zimmerman was following (stalking) Trayvon when he was advised not to. It is obvious that Zimmerman was the instigator & IF there was a confrontation, Zimmerman was the aggressor. BTW – you need to do a little research on the scum you’re defending! He has a documented history of violence. Has mental/emotional disorders that are so severe, he is unable to hold down a job. He has, also, been caught lying many, many, many times – including IN COURT!!!!! George Zimmerman is the scum bag THUG!!!! Trayvon Martin was just a typical teenager! Shame on you – condoning a murder by a documented scum-bag!

  • Israel

    How do you know what kind of persona he was adopting? I could say that your opinion makes you another racist jackass, would I be right in assuming that you’re a racist (& a jackass, you jackass).

  • Jaime Andres Pretell’s Mother

    You’re just as disgusting as Zimmerman with this BS…shut up.

  • taek1

    Excellent post. I know from first hand experience that shoplifters when they realize they are being followed and watched, will react with extreme anger and threats and name calling. I believe TM got very aggravated when he realized he was being watched and followed and decided to confront GZ. I don’t think he wanted to kill GZ, just give him a good beating. Unfortunately for him, he did not realize GZ had a gun and that he was going to use it to defend himself. And unless the autopsy shows that TM had bruises, we have to explain how GZ got his wounds.

  • Cai Phillips-Jones

    hmm he definitely made it a bit more likely that the jury sides with trayvon’s family

  • ArgentinaRose Gomez

    I agree that the Zimmerman’s are *VERY UGLY PEOPLE* and, so are the *BIGOTED RACIST WHITES* who support them and their attempts to trash an innocent deceased child! Jr should have included the Ohio teen who flipped his middle finger at the Judge and, the families of his victims. not only did he do that, he also said to the court and everyone present at his sentencing “fuck all of you” while wearing a T-shirt that he had fashioned the night before with the word *KILLER* written across his chest.


  • ArgentinaRose Gomez

    Oh yes, Georgey is very afraid of going to the HOOSEGOW and, the funny thing about that is, HE WON’T BE WEARING HIS BULLET PROOF VEST, THAT HE WEARS IN ORDER TO KEEP SOMEBODY FROM BLOWING HIS HEART APART.

    For what Fogen did to this kid, he should have been charged with M1 instead of M2. but at any rate, he should spend the rest of his *MISERABLE* life in prison where he belongs. BTW, who was the other person with Fogen that night and, how did Osterman get there o the scene so quick after ShelLie called him? also, who was behind the wheel of the car, that tore out of the complex like a bat out of hell when the shot was fired?

    There is a lot more concerning this case that we don’t know bout *YET* and, there is some lying coming from some of the witnesses, who lives in Fogen’s sacred neighborhood. these people know more than they are telling and, it’s very obvious.

  • ArgentinaRose Gomez

    You sure would be right! you know, we don’t see them writing this BS about T.J., the bird flipping “WHITE” teen who wore his T-shirt with the word *KILLER* written across his chest. nor do they mention how he cursed the court along with the families of his victims. NO, they are not running their pie holes about him and talking about what direction he was headed in.

    They need to worry about what’s goinig on within their own race instead of making up lies about Trayvon. it’s because of the bigoted racist such as these, that people from other countries consider Americans *RISKY* NOW AIN’T THAT RIGHT JUNIOR!

  • ArgentinaRose Gomez

    LMAO, YOUR MOTHER CALLED YOUR BIGOTED @$$ OUT DIDN’T SHE! lol she told you to shut it up in good fashion.

  • dg62

    The Trayvon camp always points to irrelevant facts like 911 saying to Z that they didn’t need him to follow T. It’s not binding and is neither here nor there, just as the skittles and T’s age are irrelevant after the fact. Following someone you mistakenly think is up to no good is not stalking, but it turns out T was no good because he assaulted Z. And Z comported himself with the law and used deadly force. He didn’t know T was 17 till later, but it’s still irrelevant. If T was the scared kid as some have suggested, why didn’t he call police? He was on his cell phone. Instead, he attempted to exact vigilante justice and came up short. And if Z accosted and assaulted T, how did that play out? I haven’t heard even the mere suggestion of a theory.

  • tozer

    Erin if you ever happen to truly debate Robert, I’d put my money on Robert. A lot of “journalists” feel the need to resort to demagoguery to be popular, probably because they lack sufficient insight to stand out. From what I’ve seen Robert Z makes a very impassioned but rational argument. See his Piers Morgan interview. In one corner you have a tabloid hack trying to incite a mob (Morgan) and in the other Robert. I was very impressed with his ability to articulate the warped reality surrounding his family and his patience in dealing with an Everest of dunces. Watch that interview and claim again he’s an “idiot”.

  • Paul Henry

    Trayvon attacked first and you don’t need a weapon to kill someone. You can choke them or bash their head in with your fists or on the ground. What a dumb bitch.

  • commonsensechica

    dear erin, try to be even-handed and factual when writing a piece or blogging. remember, you could go to hell, even if you don’t believe in God. tell the f**kin truth you dirt bag.

  • Jaime Andres Pretell

    Awww, did your butt heart when Zimmerman was acquitted?