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Saying goodbye to Jonathan Jonathan Redick

February 21, 2013

It always hurts the most to lose the ones you drafted. For the Orlando Magic in 2006, signing Duke University’s posterboy J.J. Redick meant ignoring a lot of obvious lingering questions. (Like my first question, do both Js actually stand for Jonathan?) But mainly uncertainties like: Would he be good enough on defense? Was he tall enough? Could he create his own shots? Would he be an asset to this team they were trying like hell to build around then-treasured defensive force Dwight Howard? Over the course of six-and-a-half seasons, Redick has proven any initial doubters absolutely wrong by becoming a valuable sixth man, a stunning go-to 3-point shooter, and being ballin’ ballin’ ballin’ off that pick:

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Now, the Magic are rebuilding, crippled by injuries all season and still reeling from the loss of Howard. Just this week, as the Sentinel so harshly reported, the team flailed through a loss against the Bobcats, considered by many to be the worst team in the league. But even amidst this loss and the many others that fans have endured this season, fans remain stung by the thought of losing Redick, and it’s not just because he’s a total babe and the ladies (and dudes!) love him. It’s because of things like this …

His capable assistance:

His 5-point play:

His career high game:

How he totally took out Joey Crawford:

His rap career:

You will be missed, Redick.

Although Redick was drafted in 2006, he didn’t start to get really utilized until 2008-9, which just so happens to be the year the Magic won their first franchise Finals game. But it was also directly after the season that Redick started looking into being traded, because he was disappointed by how little action he was seeing. In the 2008-9 season, though, his minutes more than doubled, and he proved his value, which led to increased minutes each season following, until this current season, which has him averaging 31.5 minutes per game. It’s been time well spent over all these years, his fans would all agree, but you can hardly blame the amorphous Magic team for recognizing his trade value in their earnest endeavor to reassemble the franchise.

Now, he’s off to the Bucks. Best of luck, Redick, enjoy possibly playing the postseason. We’ll just be here chillin’, waitin’ for the draft. Stay cool. KIT. BFF.

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