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Instrumental post-metal band Caspian head to the Social

February 17, 2013
photo by Evan Tetreault

photo by Evan Tetreault

Tuesday, Feb. 19 – Caspian
with Junius
7:30 p.m.
The Social
54 N. Orange Ave.

You know those dramatic moments in compelling films where a composer has deftly built the story’s climax with a song that’s serving as the charged background music? It happens when someone realizes he has to stop his soulmate from getting on that airplane or when an overworked, underappreciated professional realizes she has to drop everything to see her family now. Well, instrumental post-metal band Caspian have their fingers trained on that same emotional trigger film composers have pulled on you time and again, and experiencing it live is what it must feel like to step through the movie screen. The full absorption that their sets achieve allows for sensational mood shifts to be heard and felt, and last year’s album continues to break the mold of to-be-expected, lullaby instrumental music by forging new magical narratives cast in stylistic shifts that will only enhance their allure. Welcome back, Caspian, we’re so happy you’ve returned. – Ashley Belanger

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