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Stolen Gear alert update – Erin and Jeff Nolan’s guitars recovered

February 21, 2013


In January, we posted a stolen gear alert here after we learned that some scumbag broke into the home of local musicians Erin and Jeff Nolan and stole three of their prized guitars (See: “People who steal from artists have no souls.”).

This week (against all odds), the Nolans and their guitars were reunited. Seems they were stolen by – get this – a next-door neighbor. According to Jeff Nolan, a Full Sail student bought one of the basses from a thrift store in Lockhart and contacted Kaleigh Baker, who plays with the Nolans in the band NEM. The thrift store discovery led to neighbor Craig Lee Owens, who had the rest of the guitars stashed in his house. Orlando Police arrested Owens in connection with the theft.


(Photos via Facebook)

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  • Chris Gotti

    Get your facts straight. Thats funny! I haven’t seen anyone get charged with the burglary! So, this is just a publicity stunt by a so called band!?

  • Ashley Belanger

    When I searched for Owens name, there’s a filing for “Dealing in stolen property” on 2/18/13 that looks as though it’s likely connected to this.

  • OWeditor

    Per the OPD and Clerk of Courts, Owens was arrested at 2503 Bethaway and picked up for trespassing, then later charged with dealing in stolen property, as well as for obstructing justice (destroying evidence) … I do not have any additional information on his status, but it appears that the Clerk of Courts documents say he posted bond on the “dealing in stolen property” charge. That’s all I have for now, though I do have more requests in with OPD to find out where things stand.