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Satanists [heart] Gov. Rick Scott

January 18, 2013


Scott’s recent support of Florida Senate Bill 98, a religious freedom bill that would give students in public schools the “sole discretion” to decide whether to deliver “inspirational messages” at school assemblies and events, pleases Satan and his supporters.

So much so that  Satanic Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves told ABC News this week that the temple will hold its first major rally on Jan. 25 outside the office of Gov. Rick Scott to show their support for the measure. Satanists, he says, are terribly misunderstood, and this bill – which doesn’t dictate that the inspirational messages be all “We love God and Satan is evil” – will give young Satan-worshippers a chance to include their religious beliefs in the public-school dialogue. Who knows – maybe they’ll even make some converts.

Greaves, who says that Satanists are marginalized and misunderstood, told ABC that “New York is a pretty good place for Satanism. Florida is too.”


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  • rucko

    that picture looks like something out of the exorcist ! scarey…

  • Magistra Ygraine Mitchell

    Please keep in mind that these are not actual Satanists, but instead Christian Devil Worshippers. There is only one Church of Satan, and it has intentionally chosen to avoid politics as an organization, allowing the individual to make their own choice.

    Genuine Satanists find those in need of prayer, regardless of who they need to drop to their knees for, to be weak and without personal responsibility.

    Genuine Satanists, members and followers of The Satanic Bible are militant atheists who laugh at these gothic jokes, and wish they’d return to the pews where they belong.