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Sara Poindexter and Gianelle Gelpi present Furry Fangs at Stardust Video & Coffee

January 5, 2013

Saturday, Jan. 5 – Furry Fangs
7 p.m.
Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E. Winter Park Road

A truism of the Orlando scene: Nobody does just one thing. People who write about music also sometimes book shows or play in bands; box office managers can be seen treading the stage; today’s artist might be yesterday’s curator. The latter is the case here: Sara Poindexter, who caused a splash with the year-or-so’s worth of brilliant art shows she presented at Twelve21 Gallery, is back with one of her own (with Gainesville artist Gianelle Gelpi) at Stardust Video & Coffee. “Best buds” Poindexter and Gelpi invite the viewer into a “mythological alternate reality” they’ve created through a display of photos, costumes, props and a built environment (a “pod/cocoon-like structure”); photographer Melissa Santiago and stylist Briana Dunning helped out on the photo shoot that documents the wild world inside their heads. This is the ’dust’s first art show of 2013, and meant to be the first of a Furry Fang series. Let the wild rumpus begin! – Jessica Bryce Young

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  • tuscany67

    I wish I saw this artical sooner, would have loved to seen this

  • nope

    awww now goddamn wouldn’t we all! it’s just, in this damn day and age art don’t mean a goddamn thing so suck it lady…pay your bills and shut up