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Micro/Macro: An Installation of Sculpture by Joshua Almond opens at Crealdé

January 11, 2013

'Of Sex & Death' by Josh Almond

Friday, Jan. 11 – Micro/Macro: An Installation of Sculpture by Joshua Almond
7 p.m.
Crealdé School of Art
600 St. Andrews Blvd., Winter Park

If you’ve ever seen a photograph taken using an electron microscope – or seen Charles and Ray Eames’ trippy short film, Powers of Ten – you know that images of the infinitesimal can fool the eye, resembling the infinite. Ragweed pollen grains look like weaponry, the spiky end of a morningstar or a sea mine; a cross-section of human skin appears to be an aerial photograph of a winter wheat field, cratered with pores like dry lake beds. Joshua Almond’s sculpture, on display at Crealdé School of Art through March 9, plays on that visual dichotomy with allusions to both biological and geological formations. Curator Dennis Schmalstig says, “Electron micrographs of cell walls, Golgi bodies and nuclei often have the appearance of exotic, landscape topographies. Joshua’s work exploits the unexpected interconnection between these macroscopic and microscopic worlds.” Some of the carved wood forms are as delicate as paper-thin ceramic vessels, while others have a weighty solidity. – Jessica Bryce Young

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