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Local 6 Reporter Slams Drunk Videobomber

January 31, 2013

Jessica Sanchez, a field reporter for Local 6 News, was on location in New Orleans.  Sanchez was there to do a “getting ready” segment on NOLA preparing for the Super Bowl. Sanchez, broadcasting live, was videobombed by a drunkard. Who would’ve guessed that a boozed up woman on Bourbon Street would do such a thing?

The videobomber, drink in hand, quickly diverted Sanchez’s attention with the usual, drawn out – “Heyyyyyyyyy.”

What happened next was unexpected, Sanchez put the woman on the spot…about her STDs.

You heard it right.

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  • Clarence Williams II

    Slander. I would sue that spic.

  • spliffsmommy

    that biotch needs a lawsuit slapped on her ugly reporter face

  • schreib

    Love Jessica. Nicely handled!

  • Akrey

    I admit, this is pretty funny. But that reporter just displayed how unprofessional and rude she is.

  • DissidentDexter

    what you wrote was racist and liable. now who’s getting sued?

  • rj

    Guess we have a few drink, video bomber participants below. Lol

  • funny as hell

    That was some funny shit. Just remember this, act like an ass get treated like an ass. Too many people have the “customer is always right” attitude when they want to act a fool at someone elses expense. However they wouldn’t accept it themselves. More jackasses need to be treated this way.