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I just want to feel it all

January 11, 2013

I know plenty of people who hate Lena Dunham’s HBO show Girls. But for every naysayer who rolls their eyes at just how white her world is, there are five other people who are sitting at their day jobs right now convulsing with eager-giggle explosive excitement for the season 2 premier this Sunday. There is a really great read over at Grantland, though, for those folks who fall in the middle of this spectrum: the cautious fans who like it despite wanting to hate it. If it’s just too long to muddle through, though, the TLDR of it is that NO, the first season of Girls was not picture-perfect, the end-all of great TV, but YES, Dunham’s writing had just enough hints of greatness that anyone who’s got an interest in great TV (aka ALL OF AMERICA) would do right to keep tuning in.

I have written paragraphs and paragraphs of praise about the first season because what Dunham does that I just can’t stop respecting is restrain the cliche and write characters who read like actual people. This is exceptionally hard, just ask any of those floundering writers on Parenthood who decided to turn the Braverman family into a stupid brochure you’d find at a family clinic. (More like Planned Parenthood these days, amirite?) Anyway, here’s the trailer for season 2 of Girls. Everyone’s invited to my house for a sleepover on Sunday to gush about Hannah Horvath’s fast-impending latest epiphany.

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  • Scott Horn

    I unabashedly love the shit out of this show

  • hellnoiainthappy

    characters that read like actual people yes. actual people are the problem when they’re stuck in a teenage daydream and giggle over cocks and cry over boyfriends. i mean. she’s not exactly struggling with the universal condition. just the condition of the flippant Iphone generation we see around us. so yes, it is a mirror. but if the object being reflected is a shallow pond, the image is still a shallow pond. and not all of america is interested in Tv show. did you know there is a legit thai buddhist monastery in central florida with thai monks and all? or the east coast’s only jain monastery only about 50 miles away from orlando? this show reinforces the female stereotype by giving us characters from a slice of life in new york who are living, breathing cliches. these are dreadful times indeed. WAKE UP!