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Expect heavy sludge metal from Jucifer at Will’s Pub

January 30, 2013
photo by Scott Stewart

photo by Scott Stewart

Wednesday, Jan. 30 – Jucifer
with Whores, Bog Prophet
9 p.m.
Will’s Pub
1042 N. Mills Ave.

There’s hard, there’s heavy and then there’s this billa wall-crumbling collision of all that is sonically ill-advised. True, it would only take the un-fucking-holy sludge wattage of marquee header Jucifer and their frighteningly literal conception of a wall of sound (we’re talking floor-to-ceiling amps, people) to fill this order. But on top of that – just to really do you in – are two unmerciful, must-see additions to certify this as one of the best all-around heavy music bills you’re likely to see all year. First, Atlanta’s Whores are simply one of the most thrilling, monstrous and unrelenting noise-rock bands alive. And second, the dirty bludgeoning of Bog Prophet is probably the most impressive new sludge sound to spring from Orlando’s tar-blooded bowels. Together, this seriously sick lineup is basically a thermonuclear apocalypse in a box. Also, purchase an advance ticket and get a free beer. – Bao Le-Huu

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