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And… Creationists [heart] Gov. Rick Scott, too! Or at least his vouchers.

January 18, 2013

Hot on the heels of the revelation that Satanists are dancing among the flames of hell in fetishistic love for Gov. Rick Scott’s sweet embrace of religious teachings in schools, it turns out that (in a somewhat more serious and potentially harmful way) Creationists are reaping the benefits of school vouchers, and some are doing it right here in Orlando. So, it turns out that “school choice” isn’t so much a choice as it is a church, with numerous taxpayer funded educational institutions teaching such wonders as “evidence of The Flood” and “evidence against evolution.” You can read the funnier side of the story here, via our friends at Wonkette. Or you can go for the serious crap up the chain on MSNBC’s website. Whatever the case, the whole notion that there’s no threat of voucher monies trickling down into questionable academics – because, hey, we need to keep this state dumb – is turned over like a Satanist’s cross by the evidence. Evidence? Who needs evidence? Go to this site for a full list of Florida schools practicing the Jesus. Below is a list of a few of the vaunted Orlando institutions. Amen.

  • Agape Christian, in Orlando uses Alpha Omega.  They also misspelled curriculum on their website as “cirriculum.”
  • Champion Preparatory Academy, in Apopka, uses Apologia.
  • Downey Christian School, in Orlando, uses ABeka.
  • Edgewood Children’s Ranch, in Orlando, uses ACE.
  • The First Academy, in Orlando, says the “study of the physical world reveals God’s intricate design and the divine order of His creation” and that science “has at its foundation the recognition of God as sole creator of the universe and all that is within it.”
  • Harvest Baptist Christian Academy uses ABeka.
  • Lake Rose Christian Academy, in Orlando, uses ACE.
  • Living Word Academy, in Orlando, uses ABeka.
  • Peaceforce Christian Academy, in Orlando, uses ACE.
  • Sunset Christian Preparatory, in Orlando, uses ABeka.
  • The Conrad Academy, In Orlando, uses ABeka.
  • Treasure of Knowledge Christian Academy, in Orlando, uses ACE.
  • Tri-L Christian Academy, in Orlando, uses ABeka.
  • Victory Christian Academy, in Orlando, uses ABeka.
  • Way of Grace Ministries, in Orlando, uses ABeka.

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  • Magistra Ygraine Mitchell

    As a rep for The Church of Satan I have to tell you that this Temple of whatever is not a Satanic Church, or even Satanic at all. They are Christian Heretics aka Devil Worshippers. The CoS, the only legitimate and original Church of Satan based on The Satanic Bible and founded in 1966 doesn’t have a political viewpoint, allowing individual members to deal with politics as they personally and individually see fit.. The closest we come to a political view is that we are against ANY religious practices secularized into law, and this bill would definitely qualify. Satanists don’t pray. They don’t kneel before imaginary beings. They don’t beg to fairytales. These nutters are an embarrassment.

  • Randy Dampier

    My understanding of the voucher program is that the voucher follows the student who was unable to obtain a quality education from the public school system. To claim that a religious viewpoint disqualifies a school as a valid quality education is absurd. Harvard, Princeton, Yale all were “church schools” when founded. Which is the greater priority, protecting the public school system from effective competition or providing an effective educational environment to those the government based system has already failed.

  • Orlando Limos

    Thats not enough from government in my opinion.