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New York Times’ Frugal Traveler visits Orlando

December 27, 2012
Tropico Mofongo

photo by Seth Kugel

It’s not exactly news when a big daily newspaper with a travel section comes to town, but we were pleased to read Seth Kugel’s Frugal Traveler blog on the New York Times‘ site today because it hit on some of the local places that we really do think are worth sending out-of-town visitors. He heads to Kissimmee for mofongo at Trópico Mofongo (“The monfongo was hearty and plenty garlicky), to Maitland to catch a flick at the Enzian (where Santa Claus Conquers the Martians happened to be playing), Redlight Redlight (where he says craft beer prices are “a bargain” compared to what they cost in New York City) and Lil Indies (where “I found a woman knitting (after midnight!), a guy dancing by himself, facial hair galore and art covering the walls. I also found very cheap and very good beers.”)

Thanks for uncovering some of the real Orlando, Seth – our only quibble with your piece is that you missed a few really great local restaurants, in addition to the Puerto Rican fare you discovered in Kissimmee. Give us a shout next time you’re coming to town, we’ll give you the heads up!

You can read the Times’ story on Orlando here.

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  • Pjybibi

    Yeah now New Yorkers will be racing down here to eat rice and beans and pernil at the supermarket deli in Kissimmee …. Or to pay $50 for a psychic reading in Cassadega. Too bad he didn’t hit a wet tshirt contest in Daytona to really showcase Central Florida…..

  • yikes

    self-hate much? all i wanted to say was fuck new york. it’s an urban hell for 90% of its population. and fuck the new york times, a mouthpiece of watered down elite drivel. fuck the lusting over ‘big city’ big pappa slutty mamma. fuck new yorkers. fuck in fact everything about the east coast. it’s a poor man’s babylon and a rich man’s rome. where are my radicals of yore? have they really become such starry-eyed spineless monster-city sucking
    low-intelligent rats? is everything better in the big city? is even dying better? where do they, in fact, bury so many corpses in the awful mega-cities of the north-east? and do you really know the story behind rockefeller? the white and the black one? same devil, different methods. same disease, different minority. get out of new york while you can. it’s an aluminum coffin.