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Free shots and more at Tears & Cheers: Orlando Weekly’s Election Party

November 5, 2012

Tuesday, Nov. 6 – Tears & Cheers: Orlando Weekly‘s Election Party
6 p.m.
Bullitt Bar
33 E. Pine St.

Between the sniffles and giggles lining the beer-soaked floor of our last presidential election soiree in 2008, there was a life-affirming splash of elevated optimism that we’ll never forget. Outside, sunroofs popped open to reveal arms and tits and noses attached to heady heads all bopping around in a chorus of car horns and bass thumps. Everybody agreed! Barack Obama was going to save us all! Fast forward to four years later, and we’re all a little more subdued by the calluses of economic doubt – but that doesn’t mean we won’t be angry and happy and loud in each other’s faces come election night. Whether you’re buying the tense-faced Everyman-isms and vagaries of Republican Mitt Romney (Red Rumble Romney shots for you!) or the professorial deconstructions and juiced-up practicalities of Democrat Barack Obama (Obama Mama shots for you!), you’d be wise to join us for the point when they all blur together at Bullitt Bar. The last one standing wins! – Billy Manes

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  • E.I.S

    the *positively happy cult* has now marked the land’s neck with its rat’s teeth and honeymoon diseases. over the past few days i have tried once again to live among you but your species is returning to the sexual competition of the middle ages and cannot rest naturally even to pass simple and kind conversation. the women have turned the men into bestial favor whores. the men hate me before they know my name. the women mock me as if i were an Elizabethan fool. i was your last chance for redemption and love but you ridicule these virtues and instead try eating me alive. now, EYE refuse YOU. none shall know the bliss which is the surrender to our God. and this is my last letter to you. you were beautiful once. and may you be again, at a time appointed by God in his universe. remember, or be doomed.