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Boston-based band Pile tonight at The Peacock Room

November 8, 2012

photo by Natasha Moustache

Thursday, Nov. 8 – Pile
with Snotty Kids, Direct Effect, Neutron Rats, Basements of Florida, Great Deceivers
8 p.m.
The Peacock Room
1321 N. Mills Ave.

When I first encountered Pile, it was 2010. They were down from Boston, touring on Magic Isn’t Real, their first full-length, which was so new that it wasn’t even pressed in time to distribute it on tour. So after their set referenced every grungy ’90s band I exalt, I hit that merch table hard, only to come away with a T-shirt and my name scrawled on their mailing list for updates about the delayed release. It took me back, that sudden impatience to own a band’s debut album. Now they return, this time to Peacock Room, touting their follow-up, Dripping. With more of those deft guitars formed into the lurching crescendos I respect them for, the album validates a return for me to old habits: If Pile is any indication, Boston’s scene is worthy of the attention you may have given it way back in the days of Mission of Burma or Dinosaur Jr. – Ashley Belanger

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