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Do you recognize this black chihuahua, Orlando? Help us find her owners!

October 4, 2012

This poor little thing was running scared in Audubon Park this morning around 8:45 a.m., near the intersection of Chelsea and Cardinal. A few people tried to catch her but she was too petrified to let anyone touch her. She bolted away from me when I crossed paths with her, but then I saw her running again near Ferncreek and Oregon, which is about where I was able to get her to come close and hop in my car.

She seems clean, friendly, shiny and in good shape, so I know she has a home out there somewhere. Please help us find her owners! If you recognize this dog, email Erin Sullivan at or call us here at Orlando Weekly at 407-377-0400.

Although she does make an excellent Assistant Editor Dog (see below), we want to help this little pup find her way home!








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  • kathy

    Have you checked to see if she has a chip to identify her owner

  • OWeditor

    yes, we had her scanned at corrine drive animal hospital this morning. no chip. but they took her photo and are helping us look for her owners. i’m going out to put up some fliers tonight.

  • karen

    not sure if there is a chihuahua rescue page for Orlando and i would recommend a craig’s list and ebay classified ad, oh she is precious looks alot like one of my little chi’s!!!

  • hey

    abandoned …i once saw an emaciated dog left in the woods by a hunter. the dog would limp into the dirt road of passing cars trying to stop them and be rescued. i didn’t stop and as i passed the weak and mournful animal it looked back at me with the poisonous knowledge of its own impending death. a stabbing stare not soon forgotten. cruel nature has won again. we are all abandoned…

  • Assh Melinoe

    I would adopt the ever living crap outta that dog and suffocate her with too much affection.

  • Cindy Crawford

    There is a Craigslist post for a missing black Chihuahua. You might want to check it out.

  • Fey

    Yes, my chihuahua got stolen last week and it looks a lot like that one, Please let me know how can I contact you directly… Thanks