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OW goes to the RNC: Embargo blowjob, part 2!

August 28, 2012
Sharon Day

Sharon Day

The RNC has started sending us copies of today’s speeches, with the specific instructions that these are “embargoed until delivery.” But these speeches are dumb and boring and terribly predictable and inconsequential anyway, so we’re going to blow the embargo, because we can, and because embargoes are stupid, and because we really don’t care if the RNC cuts us off.

Next, today’s speech from Florida convention co-chair Sharon Day, who believes Barack Obama is threatening our liberty, and just like the Founding Fathers, we must rise up, etc. etc.

Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day(Remarks as Prepared for Delivery)August 28, 2012Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


Welcome everyone to my home State of Florida!


We are honored to host you and I am honored to serve as the RNC Co-Chair.


Every election we hear that this is the most important election of our lifetime. This election is more than that. It is the most important election in our nation’s lifetime.


In 1775 our Founding Fathers rose up to establish our liberty. Today, we need to defeat a President whose actions threaten our liberty!


In this way, we are in a similar position as our Founding Fathers. Just as they were called upon, we are being called upon. What they started, what they believed in, we must defend!


The danger for America is already here, in the form of the Democratic leaders in Washington.


We have a Democrat Senate leader who refuses to meet his moral obligation to pass a budget for the government.


We have a Democrat House leader that wouldn’t allow a major piece of legislation-Obama Care-to be read before it was passed. She stated to the world, and I quote “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”


We have a President that has bypassed the Senate confirmation process in order to appoint unaccountable czars to make and enforce policies on America’s citizens.


A President that by executive action has changed immigration laws, imposed unconstitutional burdens on our states, and issued over-reaching regulations.


We know the problem, America-their names are Obama – Biden – Reid – Pelosi – Holder. What they have done-and will continue to do, should Obama be re-elected-runs contrary to the values we believe in and the principles we stand for.


It is our duty, as citizen activists, of this great Republican Party, to fight to restore the values of our Founding Fathers.


My fellow members, this fight is not just about an election, and it is not about our party.


Our fight is about our country, and we must not lose!


Our Founding Fathers made huge personal sacrifices for what they believed in. The time is now for us to do the same!


I am a proud grassroots activist, one of many in my state and countless others from across the country.


Today we need as many grassroots activists from all walks of life and throughout this great nation to stand with us.


The sacrifices we need to make are nothing compared to the sacrifices our children and our grandchildren will face if we don’t take back our country on November 6th.


We must take this election house-by-house, precinct-by-precinct, city-by-city, state-by-state, to bring our proud conservative message of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to every voter.


When we leave Florida in a few days, let’s commit ourselves to give all that we can to help the Romney/Ryan ticket.


Together, let’s make history. Together, let’s defeat Barack Obama.


Together, let’s save our country for the next generation.


Thank you. God bless each of you. God bless our proud military and their families and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

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