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Orlando Ballet lays off marketing staff

January 10, 2012

C2G confirmed today that Scottie Campbell and Anna McCambridge Thomas, the marketing team tasked with bringing a fresh audience to the Orlando Ballet, were laid off yesterday afternoon. The pair were told that their performance was not an issue, but that the Ballet’s executive board had “made the determination to restructure the marketing department.” Since that department consists solely of Campbell and McCambridge-Thomas, it’s unclear what direction Orlando Ballet’s marketing will take for the 2012-13 season.

Whether this is an indication of financial straits or simply resistance to change is unknown. McCambridge-Thomas and Campbell played an active role in strengthening the Ballet’s relationship with local media, but admit that they experienced “pushback” from the board.

So was it a case of too much change too fast? The thin ice on which many of our legacy arts orgs and nonprofits stand (or fall through: see Orlando Opera, Festival of Orchestras, WMFE-TV) would seem to demand a new approach to marketing, but hey, that’s just one alt-weekly’s opinion.

Messages left with human resources and public relations personnel for the ballet have not been returned, but we will update this post when/if we get a response or Orlando Ballet issues a statement.

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  • Swampapeproductions

    I can’t imagine you’ll be getting a response if they laid off everyone…

  • Swampapeproductions

    What a wasteful thing to do a few weeks before their show opens… the Marketing department ran the box office as well

  • jessica young

    Swamp Ape: :) Hoping to hear back from the artistic director’s office or their PR firm.