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Mayor Jacobs to DPAC: No Dice

January 11, 2011

Holy crap! Remember a couple weeks ago when we danced a jig around the imaginary shadow of the future Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center and its staff’s attempts to bleed the county out of $30 million come hell or high water? We do, because DPAC board member Linda Chapin came into the office and yelled at us about it (more on that in tomorrow’s Happytown™). Well, today comes an memo from new Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs to the board of county commissioners regarding the issue that basically says, “well, that’s nice and all, but in no way will the county be paying for your shiny Broadway box!” Sure, there are caveats of the “arts supporter” variety within, but the end result is basically a big fat NO. Here’s a copy of the Eloquent Mrs. Jacobs’ prosaic denial, full of these-tough-economic-times context. Where will this calamity go now?

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