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The ‘Lights’ War: Catfight of the wretched.

November 23, 2010

When I spoke with Canadian singer-songwriter Lights Poxleitner (or Lights for short) last month, it was clear that she was, well, a little spacey. Lights, she of the popular name, didn’t always go by this alias.

See, she legally changed her first name from Valerie to Lights a few years back. But little did she know that a Brooklyn stoner-pop trio (Sophia Knapp, Linnea Vedder and Alana Amram) was in the midst of adopting the same in-demand name – Lights.

A YouTube search for the word “Lights” might tell you why the schizophrenic trio’s none too happy about their stats: They don’t even show up. Meanwhile, Poxleitner, for better or worse, is all over the page returns.

Let the name-calling begin.

Just yesterday, we received an email concerning the trio announcing a name change: “Lights haven’t just gone out, they’ve been reborn! Here’s hoping this will end all confusion between the wretched Canadian musician Lights and the incredible talents of Sophia Knapp, Linnea Vedder and Alana Amram.”


Now, I’m not exactly 100% behind Poxleitner’s keytar, but wretched? BTW, the Brooklyn-area Lights? They’re now Cliffie Swan. In other words, we all lose on this one.

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