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Winter Park High School’s yearbook is a grammatical train wreck

May 29, 2014

It seems that 2014 has already proven disastrous when it comes to high-schoolers and their yearbooks. Not only has a Utah high school altered female students’ pictures without their permission, but Orlando’s own Winter Park High School has now created a yearbook so shockingly awful that the school’s principal has offered to release a corrected version on DVD.

The yearbook, which features golden phrases such as “Our coach teachething and everything” and perplexing spelling errors like “perservierene” and “aquring,” is best described as a grammatical train wreck. Concerned citizen Randy Noles writes, “I saw not only typos but spelling errors and misused words on pretty much every page,” and that he also “would like to see (the school) revive journalism and restart the newspaper.” Either Mr. Noles is extremely forgiving, or his hopeful enthusiasm has placed him in a state of self-inflicted short-term amnesia.

All of this yearbook chaos raises the question: Is the horrendous final product the fault of the school’s lax academics? Or is the student body purposely spelling students as “studnets” to protest the existential decay and superficiality of high school in America?

For now, superintendent Ana Diaz calls the occurrence “unfortunate” and principal Tim Smith aims to “improve the product for next year.” However, be on the lookout for Winter Park High’s new school paper, “The Studnet Times,” due out in the following academic semester.

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  • Samantha Class of ’88

    As a product of WPHS, and an editor for the newspaper, I am saddened to hear of the decline in the system. Even in the 80’s, we had computers and spell-check. I’m not sure how all these errors could have taken place. It’s not only a lack of good grammar, it’s a a lack of supervision and general negligence. I believe it HARDER to have errors of this kind than not in today’s world of word processing programs. This is a shame on many levels.
    I am not sorry that the WiPaHiSc is not longer in publication. That was one of the worst names for a newspaper EVER. Our school colors are also super literal. One would hope the new newspaper might have a better name, and a better staff than the yearbook!
    C’mon Wildcats…you can do better!!

  • dkzody

    It all falls on the yearbook advisor. The school must pick a teacher for the job who is a control freak and a workaholic. Written by a former yearbook advisor who demanded only the best of her students.

  • blorgyborg

    This is what happens when the administrators place more importance on studying for FCATS than they do on having teachers teach a normal curriculum. It’s really sad. The students who have been taught this way are going into the world without so many important skills because of this issue.

  • Debbie C

    Since when has Winter Park High School been “one of Orlando’s own”? The school is in Orange County but located in Winter Park, not Orlando. Ms. Ball may want to include fact checking in her journalistic endeavors the next time she takes pen to paper on “grammatical train wrecks”.

  • Holly

    The period goes inside the quotation marks, Debbie.

  • Debbie C

    Really? Even though the wording I am quoting has no period? hunh. Well, thanks, Holly, appreciate the grammar lesson. I never stated I was an English whiz! :-) Guess that would be pretty obvious. lol

  • Debbie C

    Wait, Holly, shouldn’t the question mark in my first sentence also be inside the quotation marks?

  • Mother of student

    I would like to see WPHS step up to the plate and reprint each and every yearbook at their cost. These yearbooks are an embarrassment to WPHS and they should be ashamed for ever allowing them to be distributed in the first place.

  • Matthew Krause

    During my brief stint as a teacher for WPHS 10 years ago, the English teachers got together for a meeting. One of the teachers gave a presentation, and during said presentation she said, “There’s three things we have to remember.”

    Did you all all catch that? Number disagreement. “There IS three things”? No, that is wrong. The correct way to say it is “There ARE three things.”

    Later on a break, I was talking to the teacher, and I made the mistake of pointing out this error to her. Of course, being a teacher, she hated being called on her grammatical error in the very field she taught, so she said:

    “Well, that is no longer considered number disagreement. When you say ‘there’s’ followed by a plural or a number greater than one, we now accept it as correct, since its usage has become common in our language.”

    Not in the grammar books on my shelf, ma’am.

  • HairdresserOnFire

    Get over it, Debbie. Winter Park is part of the Orlando area, no matter how much they’d like to pretend they aren’t.

  • Debbie C

    Too true, HOF! lol But, in the interests of good journalism and checking the facts before publishing, ( would that be editing? ), maybe a better description would have been, “Orlando area high school”. And I agree with the student’s mother in that WPHS should reprint the books, or at the very least, issue refunds. Those yearbooks don’t come cheap, as I remember. Really, what happened that the yearbook staff didn’t hit the spell check every now and then?

  • WPHSmom

    Go back and look at yearbooks from other recent years. The one my son brought home 7 years ago is much the same as this one.

  • Wildcat Pride

    Dis aint no joking manner :(

  • papa_Iazar0u

    Yep, the Orlando area. AREA. Winter Park is not in Orlando and neither is WPHS. There are no “Orlando schools.” There are Orange County Public Schools, though. Consolidation happened a very long time ago.

  • Dylan Stafne

    The density of mistakes makes it look intentional, almost.

  • Dylan Stafne

    Or like the whole thing had to be sent in by midnight and they started at 11:57

  • Andy

    Yearbook at Winter Park High School is a year long class. It’s not a club that meets after school once a week. If any of the kids in this class make a grade higher than a “D” the teacher should be ashamed of herself.

  • Kim N.

    Well, actually the question mark outside the quotes in your first sentence is correct, because it’s part of your question, not part of the quote. The period on your last sentence should be inside the quote because the period is always inside the quote, even if it’s not part of the quote :-).