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Could a water park be coming to Universal?

July 3, 2014

Rumors that Universal is planning to open a water park have been making the rounds, since about 2011 when the park filed a trademark for the term “Wondersea Island.” The trademark, filed for use as “entertainment services in the nature of water parks,” was renewed for a fifth time in January. A new trademark filing for “Volcano Bay,” made in June, is adding fuel (er, water?) to the rumors. The filing states that the name “Volcano Bay” could be used for “entertainment in the nature of a water park ride,” indicating that Volcano Bay could just be one section of the new park. If a new water park is built, it will go up just south of Universal’s new Cabana Bay resort, according to the Parkscope blog.

Parkscope suggests that the name would be ideal for the wave pool section of the park: a big volcano in the background that “erupts” every so often, causing crazy tidal waves in the pool. It would also be super-awesome if it were the name of a “danger” area of the park, with a volcano acting as a home to the park’s thrill-seeking slides.

Whether the park ends up being called Wondersea Island or Volcano Bay, Universal’s got a lot of already-existing properties that could make some pretty sweet water park attractions. Some suggestions for Universal (if we may):

  • Dr. Seuss’ McElligot’s Pool Kids Zone: More than just your standard kids section of a park with obstacles and tiny slides and water-shooting implements, this attraction would feature a lake underneath the pools, filled with fish and other Seuss-ian creatures.
  • Hogwarts The Great Lake Water Slide: Imagine a tunnel slide that has video screens embedded in the walls, featuring merpeople, grindylows and competitors in the Tri-Wizard tournament, with a black-bottomed splash-landing pool where riders are greeted by the giant squid.
  • Weather Event Lazy River: Universal owns The Weather Channel, so they could totally up the drama in a standard lazy river pool. Add some thunderstorms, tornados in the distance and maybe even a flurry or two and lazy could get pretty damn exciting.
  • American Ninja Warrior Adult Obstacle Course: Way more advanced than those inflatable ones you sometimes see around the 5k circuit, this water-obstacle course could include all the favorites from the NBC show: the warped wall, slalom ladder and globe grasp. We just hope they make them out of something soft … like foam. Otherwise that section of the park would require a separate waiver.

Also: Universal Orlando’s the only theme park we’d trust to re-create the water slide from The Goonies properly. Seriously, why isn’t that a thing yet?!

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  • Slick Nick

    Idk I think they already have something good with Wet ‘n Wild. Why would they spend the time adding a new ride this summer if they plan on shutting it down? Attendance may not be Disney numbers but it’s still one of the best in the nation as it is. They should just tweak and update what they already have in my opinion. If they need more room maybe drain out the lake.