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#OrlandoWeekend: We want YOUR weekend pics

June 3, 2014

Every Monday, we play a shortened version of “What I did on my summer vacation” with you, sharing photos of all the cool stuff we did in Orlando over the weekend. Well, we’d like to include you in our fun. Starting this weekend, we want to see all the fun ways you spent your weekend. Just use the hashtag: #OrlandoWeekend on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Having some beers at your favorite Orlando bar? #OrlandoWeekend. Taking your best pup for a walk in a shady Orlando park? #OrlandoWeekend. Checking out the local stand-up scene for your very first time? #OrlandoWeekend.

You get the picture.

So, go hashtag crazy this weekend. We can’t wait to see your Orlando adventures.

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