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Vintage 1962 Winter Park video released from the vault

June 13, 2014

Earlier this year, the city of Winter Park released a video featuring 50-year-old footage of the town. The video, which gives off Betty Draper vibes with cheerful background music and a chipper narrator, advertises Winter Park as a town with a “Southern climate but a Northern atmosphere.” The advertisement also mentions long-vanished local haunts such as the Toggery, a store where “women trust (their men) to do their own shopping” and Swetman Travel Service, a company that thrived before the invention of the Internet. Though both places seem pleasant enough, we’re sure that Peggy Olsen could have done a better (and less sexist, in the Toggery’s case) job with their advertising.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the short film is 1962 Winter Park’s awareness of the “space age.” Though it was created seven years before astronauts landed on the moon, the video highlights the city’s educational programs, which sought to prepare students for the predicted technological explosion. It even goes so far as to state, “even young women must know how to cope with many more mechanical problems than did their mothers.” Hmm … they must have forgotten about Rosie the Riveter and  Amelia Earhart.

Watch the video below, and experience the strangeness of viewing Winter Park through a 60’s filter:

Winter Park 1962 from City of Winter Park, FL on Vimeo.

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  • Pearl

    Loved watching this! Brought back many memories of the Winter Park I grew up in. The space age emphasis should not surprise you. Many of the men in my neighborhood drove to the Cape each day for work. Every time there was a launch we used to run out the front door and look eastward to watch the rockets go up. It was an exciting time and I have no doubt that the impact of the space industry was not limited to the coastal areas!

  • Andrea Baker

    This is FANTASTIC!!!!! I love it! It is a time capsule and so valuable! Thank you for sharing.

  • Jesse Kunerth

    pretty freaking awesome!

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    Northern style living? Ha! Not across those railroad tracks. It’s still segregated. Friendly animals? Which ones, the alligators or the poisonous snakes? Everything looks so bleak. Ah, Florida.

  • reality

    thank you.

  • Clifford McCloe

    0:00 Overview

    0:30 Welcome to Winter Park sign

    0:33 Birdseye view

    1:02 Shots of downtown

    1:13 Western Auto

    1:15 Colony Theater

    1:22 Lakes and nature

    1:42 Winter Park boat tours (“Winter Park—the Venice of

    2:10 Mount Vernon Motor Lodge

    2:41 Langford Hotel

    3:06 Langford Hotel pool

    3:27 TownHouse

    3:52 Herndon Municipal Airport and McCoy Jet Terminal

    4:17 Swetman Travel

    5:15 History

    5:44 Ren’s (?) Menswear

    6:14 The Toggery (Clothing and accessories)

    6:46 Proctor Center/ Proctor’s Casuals

    7:05 The Prado

    7:22 Eve Proctor Dress Shop

    7:44 Hidden Gardens (Shopping district)

    8:24 The Gourmet Shop

    8:26 Treasure Chest

    8:42 Winter Park: The Center of the Citrus Belt (Nick Belitz
    fruit stand)

    8:57 Aloma Center

    8:58 Publix Market

    9:09 Liggett Drugs (Rexall)

    9:12 Hollieanna Shopping Center

    9:14 Publix Market/ Eckerd Drugs(?)

    9:19 Florida Gas Company

    9:23 Shelby Mutual Insurance

    9:35 Jim Blake’s Office Supply

    10:06 State Office Building

    10:13 Chamber of Commerce

    10:25 Commercial Bank of Winter Park

    11:26 Winter Park: A City of Homes

    11:50 Dick Bond Associates Realtors

    12:12 Winter Park Pines sign

    12:21 Winter Park Federal Savings & Loan

    13:20 Winter Park apartments in general

    13:35 Whispering Waters Apartment

    13:42 Winter Park Bowl

    13:47 Allen Truvillion Inc, General Contractors

    14:25 Winter Park Recreation Association

    14:38 Hollaway Materials Corporation

    15:37 Orlando Forge

    16:09 Winter Park Telephone Company

    17:09 Florida Power Corporation

    18:09 Health (Professional Center)

    18:32 Colonial Drugs

    19:03 Education

    19:09 Lakemont Elementary School (and Winter Park High

    19:24 “even young
    women must know how to cope with many more mechanical problems than did their

    Guaranty Insurance Company

    20:11 Rollins

    21:15 University
    Club / Women’s Club / Fashion Committee / Garden Committee /Winter Park Garden

    21:32 Leu Gardens

    21:51 Golden

    22:25 Winter Park
    art galleries

    22:50 Royal School
    of Dance

    24:04 Sports (Little League, golf, shuffleboard)

    24:21 Lake Virginia water sports

    25:15 Boone Bait Company

    26:16 Dog Racing Sanford Orlando Kennel Club / Ben White

    26:49 Orlando Seminole Jai-Alai Fronton

    27:20 Easter Egg Roll

    27:33 Churches

    27:52 Birdseye view and conclusion

  • Dann P.

    Oh Whitfield – what’s the difference in Harlem and 5th Avenue? You yankees just think it’s so grand up there?? I do not understand why you live down here?? Far better lifestyle (on either side of the tracks) than Chicago, NY, Pittsburg, “Philly, etc.

  • Renee

    It wasn’t Winter Park High School, it was a high school in what is now Marks Street Rec Center.

  • ghostride

    not with money dahling. not with money.

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    I’m actually a native Floridian. I now live in France. So you are wrong on both counts. Segregation ended much sooner in the North, in fact. Far better lifestyle? That is highly subjective and quite typical of a person who has never lived in a real city. I grew up in Orlando, lived many years in New York, and now reside elsewhere. I don’t look back, but occasionally a friend will post something ridiculous like the propaganda video above and I will comment.

  • slowdown

    assume much?
    honey, your insecurity is astonishing.

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    I’ve made no assumptions.

  • slowdown

    That is highly subjective and quite typical of a person who has never lived in a real city.

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    That’s not an assumption, it’s an observation. If the person who wrote the post has actually lived outside of Central Florida, he should let me know. I’d like to know as well if he’s even been to any of those cities. And if it was an assumption, how in the hell does that make me insecure. That is one thing I am not.

  • reverse

    you’re special. i like that.

  • Whitfield McRory Palmer

    Yawn. I have to hand it to all the people that can love such a $h!t city.

  • Shari Duff

    That is most definitely WPHS…I started there in 1961 and graduated in 1964…

  • Prime

    Where’s the black people??

  • Censored _Conservative

    You just had to take a swipe at a “sexist” advertisement?

    Yes, a simpler time. Before liberals said yes to everything and there were boundaries and structure within society. Yes I do wish for those simpler times!