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Here’s some hilarious video of Rick Scott being booed offstage at last night’s MLS announcement. You’re welcome

November 20, 2013

Filed under: Orlando is awesome sometimes.

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  • Grimace

    Oh, and, ha!

  • Badly_Shaved_Monkey

    It’s not someone throwing a shoe at him, but I’ll take it.

  • DBT

    It didn’t get any better for him outside the venue either Let’s just say Dick Scott and his handlers walked *very* quickly to their vehicles. There was an equal amount of people who didn’t get in looking for something to do and there went public emema #1

  • Mike

    If only it was real

  • Nonjo


  • Robyn Luongo

    Tee Hee!!!

  • Rich Guagliardo

    He should really reconsider any thoughts of running again.

  • deebird61

    he is stupid for running again..and wasting all that money. this time I think Floridians are rethinking and NOT voting him back in. whoever does is just as stupid as he is. Fools. I pray he does NOT survive the next election. he is killing our people here.

  • Floridaliberal

    Not even his family likes this asswipe!

  • izzzy

    Just goes to show that soccer “fans” and anyone under 25 are morons.

  • Tim

    Maybe Charlie Christ will win again…even if he is a lying sack or crap….who cares right?

  • Rixar13 McGinnis

    This will be a good watch, Medicare Thief…

  • Southern Democrat

    “Morons?” Where have you been since this election? Do you realize a thief of tax dollars bought the election and proceeded to do his best to wreck this state?

  • Gov Scott

    Gee I wonder what his approval rating is!

  • Justice

    A man steals money from seniors and defrauded Medicare and we make him Govenor what is that all about?He pays millions to keep his Job why?I went on the health care site and only found one Insurance company why?Because Gov Scott is in his job for a profit and kick backs,Lets take Florida back!

  • Masmani

    There’s about three guys booing. Big deal!

  • Shoosh7

    Yes, and he calls it “Let’s Get to Work”? When is the work coming? And I don’t mean hotel, motel and restaurant jobs.

  • Shoosh7

    Dick Scott or Sick Dott as I like to say.

  • cherie safapou

    He is one of many Nazi Radicals Asshole ! Orlando deserve better than this m.f. nazi

  • Shoosh7

    Oh yes, and remember his comment about going to college…all he wanted to major in was how to make lots of money. Perhaps some sociology, psychology, arts, ethics, and oh, yes, math classes might have helped make him a better person. His graph a year ago said “employment is down, social services are up….we’ve got to cut social services.” Wow, that’s genius thinking. Why not consider paying taxes on your pile of money and encourage corporations to hire people and buy goods HERE in the U.S.A.?

  • Confucius

    Where did you come to that conclusion? What facts? Based on the sound quality and level I would dare say that it was many more than 3, but hey facts don’t matter right

  • confucius

    Okay let’s do a vote for worst politician….round 1……Palin vs Scott

  • Barb Hartman Witt

    Hi Rick! Why did you run out then??!!

  • cravin moorehead

    The Koch brothers money will come pouring in again. Hang on.

  • George N Lyne


  • ciDhialeah

    Can someone remind me how “she” won again?

  • Reid Friedson

    Rick Scott belongs in prison. File against him with the Florida Commission on Ethics.

  • Just The Truth Mam’

    please come to Miami rick scott, I will “Boo” you with the lungs of an opera singer.

  • John

    Unless the soccer fans pony up campaign contributions, public money will not go to public structures. But he has handed millions to Disney. Who takes millions funnelled off our treasury to go to the CEOs in California. Our money needs to stay in our town instead of our workers who are already in poverty not getting the $30 million rebated from the state. Stop the Scott Graft.

  • Christopher Fowler

    Shame we couldn’t have a recall election. Perhaps we should work to make that a possibility to protect us from FUBAR governors, like him, in the future.

  • Christopher Fowler

    Sad but true.

  • Christopher Fowler

    We really shouldn’t compare Rick Scott to the NAZIS… it’s unfair to NAZIS.

    That’s the sad part, really; when he is worse than the worst type of people out there.

  • Christopher Fowler

    It’s a tie.

    Both are weaselly, both are pathological liars, both are hypocrites, both are ignorant of reality, both put ideology above their obligations to the people they were hired to serve and both are incompetent in their jobs.

  • Jim Story

    My guess is the Republicans will put someone else against him in the primaries. They are petrified of Charlie Christ as a Democrat….

  • confucius

    You sir, just made my day lol

  • Christopher Fowler

    Always a pleasure to bring a smile in these tough times.

  • Where is He-Man?

    soccer stadium for Orlando: 100 million, seating capacity of new
    stadium: 18,000, 1,000s of Soccer fans booing Skeletor Scott who had
    NOTHING to do with any of it: Priceless

  • joebeimon

    He’s not really wasting money, he is putting it into the pockets of people who make up the ads, the crap we have to see over and over again!!!