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Today in journalism: The Sentinel loved Romney’s speech even before he gave it.

August 31, 2012

What did you think of Mitt Romney’s big speech? (If you’re having trouble remember, it was the thing that happened just after the Great Clint Eastwood Performance Art Meltdown of 2012, which we suspect was secretly arranged by the Obama campaign, those cunning devils.) Well, as it turns out, the Orlando Sentinel thought it was awesomesauce—even before Romney bumbled his way through it. As noted by a guy on Twitter with half-naked women on his page:

(That link now goes here.)

Romenesko has the Sentinel’s explanation, such as it is, from Mike Lafferty:

This was not part of an editorial. It was lead-in text to a daily online poll. The text was written Thursday evening in anticipation of the speech’s outcome, and the wording was based in part on advance excerpts that the Romney campaign sent to news organizations. Had the speech gone awry, or had it been poorly received by the crowd, the text would have been changed last night to reflect that.

That said, the poll was posted earlier than it should have been. It should not have gone up until after the speech was completed.

That would make more sense if the Sentinel hadn’t preternaturally decided that Romney—who can barely get two words out of his mouth without inserting his foot—was “eloquent,” and that the Republican base, which has spent the last year reluctantly resigned to Romney, not stoked about him, “loved it.”

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  • Herbie

    The Sentinel has become such a joke. It’s really sad. This is up there with the Tampa Tribune’s early op-ed lamenting the Lightning’s “loss” in the hockey finals, which of course they actually won later that night. Depressing.