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These Thornton Park schoolboys totally made my morning

February 20, 2014

I was taking photos in Thornton Park this morning to print with my monthly music column Feedback, and as I was standing in the Thornton Park fountain, trying to get some reeeeal artsy shots for ya’ll, these kids circled me, begging me to take their picture instead. I pretended not to notice them, but then quickly snapped a shot, trying to catch them by surprise, but they were at the ready with their poses.

Right when the camera clicked, they laughed and ran to school, excitedly squealing to each other that this picture was gonna be on the Internet.

I just couldn’t disappoint them. These boys made my morning.

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  • Ryan

    ask them how they feel about TEPCO cleaning up after the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima; which should be finished when these kids are around 45 years old. then put it to a beat… I’d share that

  • El Mucho

    Cool story, bro.

  • Cris Gladly


  • SG

    Fun! I hope they see themselves online.

  • Artsy Lcee Art


  • PCJ

    Ryan Go Home, You Are Drunk

  • bouledoux

    Howard Middle School students but not very likely “Thornton Park school boys.”

  • Nate

    ^^ That’s kind of an unnecessary assumption.

  • garystartswithg

    There is a reason nobody invites you to parties.

  • Mexicraze

    wow, Bouledoux what kind of world are you in when you think you know everything. Is it because they aren’t White? Or is it because of the school they attend? You have a lot of nerve. These boys are actually students who attend the school which by the way is mostly magnet for performing and visual arts. Get educated! And keep your condescending rude comments to yourself. They attend a school IN Thorton Park… so yes, they are “Thorton Park School boys” you self righteous, pig-headed, racist … butt wipe

  • Guest

    What he said ^

  • MerpDerp

    What? Go away.

  • MerpDerp


  • Jennifer German

    Charming :)