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Thank you, Internet: Shark cam, own a piece of Mars

February 28, 2014

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s Oscar weekend, but I promise you, only one of these links are about the Oscars. The rest are just fun or cool or neat. Beware of the last one though; it may give you allergies. Hopefully, these’ll help you get through the rest of your day:

1. Two of my favorite things in the entire world are the Oscars and infographics. Mashable, uh, mashed the two together in this super-awesome infographic of illustrations of every single Best Picture winner, ever.

2. Remember the Lost Cat feature from our Puppy Love issue? It touched on the kitty-cam collars that owners are now putting on their cats to see that they are up to when they’re alone. I’ve got two words for you: Shark cam. Researchers from Universities of Hawaii and Tokyo are now equipping sharks with cameras and sensors in order to better understand these animals.

3. Wanna take a bit of a rock down memory lane? Here are some shots from our favorite central Florida shows of 2013.

4. You can own a piece of Mars for only $5. Okay, well, not exactly own, but you know how you can name a star or adopt a penguin? Through Uwingu, a “small company founded by astronomers, planetary scientists, space educators and former NASA personnel,” you can name a crater on Mars. After season 2 of House of CardsI kinda want to name my crater Frank Underwood.

5. This entry needs no more words than these: Seth Rogan is awesome. OK, here’s a few more words for you: Seth Rogan gave an amazing opening statement at a Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s research.

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