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Thank you, Internet: Cookie shot glasses and earth porn

March 7, 2014

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re already itching to get home and put the finishing touches on your costume for the Great Orlando Mixer tomorrow night. Here’s some links that’ll help you pass the afternoon until it’s time to go home:

1. Looks like a normal, albeit wide and clunky ring, right? WRONG. This ring is bluetooth enabled, allowing you to interact with your devices using simple hand gestures. You can text by “writing” letter shapes in the air. Open your email by “drawing” an envelope. Right now, the cheapest you can get Ring is $145 on Kickstarter, which is actually less that I expected.

2. The inventor of the Cronut has had another stroke of brilliance. The Chocolate Chip Cookie shot. It is exactly what it sounds like: a shot glass made out of chocolate chip cookies filled with milk. Simple and delicious. Right now the treat is exclusive to SXSW, but imagine the possibilities when it becomes available to the public. Bailey’s, Guinness. Ooh! You could almost make a deconstructed Irish Car Bomb in cookie shot glasses!

3.  The stoner culture in Florida is well represented on Instagram. Check out this gallery and then find the best of the new stuff by searching the hashtag #floridastoner on Instagram.

4. South Park: Stick of Truth came out this week and it couldn’t be any more perfect if they tried. The Guardian sat down with Trey Parker and Matt Stone and discussed their very involved journey making the game, with a little bit of show history thrown in for good measure.

5. A shot of some Florida earth porn from the folks over at imgur. I have two words for you: Rain penis!

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