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Survey says Kissimmee and Longwood are singles hotspots

March 5, 2014

Kissimmee is for lovers. Longwood, too. Movoto put out a survey this week that ranks both of these Central Florida burgs as singles hotspots, alongside Key West, Miami Beach and Cocoa Beach. Orlando didn’t place at all. How did Movoto come to pick its top 10? “We used numbers on age, public transit and single people per bar/restaurant to come up with our ranking,” says Movoto’s Patrick Brown.

Kissimmee ranked high for the percentage of singles aged 18-44 living in the area (more than 42 percent), and it also got points for its number of drunken hook-up spots – there’s one bar for every 342 singles in the 18-44 age group.

Longwood made it to the list for having one bar for every 231 singles in that age group, as well as one romantic restaurant for every 482 singles.

Here’s a gallery of the top 10 picks … the incorrect numbering maybe explains how Kissimmee and Longwood made it to the list at all.

The 10 Best Places For Singles In Florida By Movoto Real Estate

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