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SunRail mania curdles over no weekend service

March 11, 2014

May 1 is just around the corner, which means SunRail is just around the corner. Phase 1 of the Central Florida commuter rail is set to kick off on May Day, and the service has just released their tentative schedule for trains running between DeBary and Sand Lake Road. Looks like these babies will be running in varying intervals and directions from approximately 5 a.m. until 10 p.m … but only during the week.

Yeah, you read that right. SunRail is not currently scheduled to run on Saturdays and Sundays at all. Many Central Floridians, like citizens in other locales across our great nation, work specifically for the weekend, a time when they are unencumbered by neck ties and assistant managers and desperately want to get out and do train-related things, if possible. Not to mention all of those in the service industry (remember how we live in a place with a massive service economy?), whom this rail line fails to serve at all, if it doesn’t operate during hours when a lot of servers work – evenings and weekends.

So far the SunRail-related riots appear minimal, by which we mean non-existent, but if an amazingly solid explanation doesn’t come along soon (tracks inexplicably turn into live snakes on Saturdays and Sundays; running trains on weekend would somehow prevent Star Wars VII from coming out) those shiny new depots will be flaming rubble before you can say “chugga chugga” or “woot woot” or some other traditional locomotive noise.

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  • Frost

    That is crazy for so many reasons.

  • Taco

    Guess you just don’t realize the majority of ridership is planned to be 9 to 5ers,and the reason FDOT funded it was to relieve pain time I4 traffic during construction.

  • NottheVPofSunTrust

    Yeah, I can see the VP of SunTrust leaving her Porsche at home so she can ride the rails. Stupid schedule.

  • mike s.

    Come on, Sunrail will probably have as many sport riders as commuters for a while, I want a stress free ride to Sanford to visit their downtown for fun…

  • Jordan Duttinger

    what time do trains stop running in New York? oh right never or how about the city that took our SunRail money the first time Chicago they stop the L-train at night or on weekends I don’t think so this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day.

  • chris

    Last week I was able to sit in on one of their meetings and interestingly enough I asked this question directly to their marketing lady and her answer was both candid and honest. She said they don’t have enough money (yet) or public interest to offer weekend rides. I too agree that in order for them to get more riders they need to extend the hours and make weekend trips. Im a HUGE proponent of sun rail and I hope enough people use it to make it a success but it looks like they might be shooting themselves in the foot with the limited service.

  • peggy

    and then they’ll get to say we told you it wouldn’t work. it never ceases to amaze me how truly stupid people are.

  • Roy Golightly

    I like how the route stops just outside the airport. Still have to pay for a taxi or get a friend to drive you when you fly.

  • John2438

    Just my two cents . . . having grown up and lived in places with public transportation networks, I believe the key here is “network” if we want people to use it. The entire people moving system must provide a way for people to get to where they want to be. Weekdays would include Lake Mary, 17-92 from Sanford to Orlando, UCF, OIA, Hospitals, and Malls to begin with. If I were to use public transportation now it would take me 2 hrs 45 min each way. Really – 5.5 hrs of travel time every day? Sorry, I’ll deal with the traffic. Weekends must include a way for people to get to international Blvd, the mouse, and other area attractions, as well provide a way to get home without having to drive after having a cocktail or two. But the native Floridians, I’ve spoken to, won’t support it because they say it is another way folks from the north have invaded their space and have violated the lifestyle of the state.

  • Jacqui Garcia-Bowman