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Stumped this weekend? Go on a Valentine’s scavenger hunt

February 13, 2014

Being creative for Valentine’s Day is hard, y’all. This year, it falls on a Friday, which basically forces you to be creative and romantic for an entire weekend, lest you hurt your lovah’s feelings. Well, we don’t want that, so we’re sending you on a silly and romantic(ish) scavenger hunt around Orlando. Let us know how many tasks on the list you complete in the comments. Bonus points if you take pics and tag us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook: @OrlandoWeekly!

1. Picnic with the swans at Lake Eola without getting goosed.


2. Hold your lover’s hand while riding Dr. Doom at Islands of Adventure. Don’t let go the entire ride.


3. Take the garlic test of love at Oblivion Taproom: Order their tots with Hawaiian raw garlic, eat them and then convince someone to kiss you.


4. Get your Lady and the Tramp on with a big bowl of (rice) noodles at Saigon Flavors.


5. Take a couples selfie and achieve the hard-to-capture peacock photobombing.


6. Have a Sleepless in Seattle moment atop the Suntrust building. (Although, thanks to security, you’ll probably have to settle for the top of the parking garage or a random rooftop bar.)

Click here for the final 6 items on the scavenger hunt! 

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