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St. Augustine teen breaks into beach house, drinks wine, steals pajamas

June 23, 2014
Photo courtesy St. Johns County Sheriffs Office.

Photo courtesy St. Johns County Sheriffs Office.

Here’s a tip for all you wild teens who get your kicks breaking into people’s houses to drink wine, try on pajamas and nap: If you’re caught mid-snooze by the resident’s owners, make sure you grab your ID on your way out. Nineteen-year-old Chancy Layton left her purse and her passport behind Saturday in a mad dash to escape Cheryl Petocz, the St. Augustine home owner who returned from an excursion to find Layton resting on her couch “surrounded by wine bottles.”

Police caught up with Layton a block away, who of course had no way to prove she was just innocently walking down the street in someone else’s pajamas. The teen was processed at the St. Johns County Jail on charges of burglary, theft and criminal mischief. 

The press has dubbed the fair-haired Layton “Goldilocks” for her B&E exploits, but not even the famed fictional ursine residence invader had the audacity to try on sleepwear or guzzle spirits. This all seems more in line with mid-’90s Robert Downey, Jr. Therefore, we suggest the media from here on out refer to Chancy Layton as “Downeylocks.”

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  • Jason

    Wow, the residents have an owner. Who wrote this treacle. You must mean residence.