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Rapper DMX to fight George Zimmerman

February 5, 2014

According to celeb gossip site TMZ, 15,000 people applied to kick George Zimmerman’s ass after he announced that he’d be willing to go mano a mano with someone in the ring in a celebrity boxing match. Zimmerman said he wanted to fight Kanye West, and rapper the Game said he’d be willing to take Zimmerman on. However, rap star DMX, who’s been arrested more than a dozen times, giving him much more tough-guy cred than Zimmerman, won the ass-kicking lottery.

DMX seems to have a clear game plan. He told TMZ, “I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.”

Details of the bout will be announced at a press conference next Wednesday, Feb. 12.

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  • Len Miller

    George will get his ass kicked and i hope he does. I guess Zimmerman who in my opinion did Murder Trayvon Martin, no matter what the jury’s verdict was. It should be a winner take all of the purse. Mr. DMX I don’t think your gonna need to break one rule of boxing to kick his Ass, I will be rooting for you for sure and whatever you do, make sure you do hurt this racist pig slob Zimmerman, hopefully putting the scumbag in a coma…

  • mgavallas

    he didnt murder anyone Trevon was a PUNK and wouldve probably been killed eventually by someone else. I hope to G Zimmemna beat the shit out of whomever he fights LOL eithe way its funny that now he wants to be in the lime light after so many crazy people wanted to kill him LOL

  • mgavallas

    would love to see ANY BODY beat the shit out of that asshole Kanye east (west) whatever He and he alone NEEDS AN ASS KICKING!

  • KTA

    3 days ago: “Why do people still pay attention to George Zimmerman? He’s irrelevant”

    Today: “Well shit, I’d pay to watch DMX fight Zimmerman if I could”

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Idiocracies are formed.

  • LoveGod1962

    Dear God, please make this go away very soon. Do your will.

  • LoveGod1962

    Trayvon is DEAD! Murdered by a sociopath known as George Zimmerman.

  • mgavallas

    sorry it was SELF DEFENSE. CASE CLOSED.

  • Zero_Dark_Obozo

    Aw, go blow it out your @ss. You and the rest of your fellow deluded chumps.

  • LoveGod1962

    You ignorant, low class, barn rat soup eating insercure fool! What happen to Trayvon can easily happen to you, are someone you love deeply. George Zimmerman is indeed an sociopath. This will not be the last we will hear from him. And God will have the last word. Idiot!

  • LoveGod1962

    Says who? The other witness is dead! Self defense my @ss

  • mgavallas

    says half the fuckin country! case closed!

  • herpnderpn

    Yes, I may be the next one to shoot a traythug in self defense….moron.