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Pro-choice activists: Florida is the No. 1 anti-woman destination

February 12, 2014

Take a ride on any of Florida’s highways and you’re bound to encounter this billboard, or a similar one (the new billboards have taken a decidedly less 1980s approach, showing a sweet blonde “pregnant” model instead of the above Zena-Warrior-Princess-with-scary-contour-blush). While not funded by state government, the billboards still provide insight into the political temperature in Florida when it comes to women’s rights. In fact, the women’s-rights activist group Ultraviolet recently called out Florida as the No. 1 anti-woman tourist destination in the nation — and launched a plan to name and shame.

Ultraviolet plans to raise awareness of woman-hating Florida (and other states that limit reproductive rights) by buying airport and travel-website ads. Their intention is to hit these states where it hurts: right in the pocketbook. The tactic is meant to encourage equality-minded folks to choose a location other than Florida for their vacations, because who wants to vacation in an anti-choice state, knowing that their hotel-and-restaurant dollars are indirectly going toward supporting anti-woman policies?

In 2011, tourism had an impact of $67 billion on Florida’s economy. Ultraviolet hopes that by making a dent in these dollars, they’ll encourage politicians to “back off their war on women.” Ultraviolet is seeking donations to help buy the ads. Luckily, airport ads aren’t nearly as spendy as billboards, so their goal is only $15,000. Are you in?

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  • bencott

    Ultraviolet’s efforts to undermine Florida tourism to affect change in the legislature seems misguided, to say the least. Even if these ads manage to dissuade 100% of potential travelers from vacationing here, the fundamentalist PACs and lobbyists will still get tax exempt funding from their faithful drones, then in turn contribute to their favorite puppets’ “campaigns” under the guise of ministry. As for the loss of revenue, it would simply cause the state to cut services. The state legislature isn’t going to take a pay cut because tourism is down. No, the biggest impact would be felt by service industry workers, many of whom are women that this organization claims to fight for.

  • mendezjb

    You have to be THAT dumb to find this poster offensive.

    Women, listen up! I’m only going to educate you once. You’re not anti woman because you are discouraged from dismembering your child in the womb. This isn’t about reproductive freedom. Reproductive freedom is the freedom to engage in the reproductive act, which you have. Once you are pregnant, you have already reproduced.

    Those of you that speak English as a first language ought to be able to follow that. If you are still confused, go back to the beginning and read again.

  • CoyoteLovely

    Just because you feel *your* right to reproductive freedom ends at the first signs of pregnancy doesn’t mean that other people have to agree with you. That’s what being Pro-Choice is about; a woman’s right to choose if she wants to have an abortion or not, depending on her personal feelings.

    Under Pro-Choice, you are certainly capable of choosing the “genetic view” of when life begins (that is, once a woman is inseminated) – but as it stands, there are others who believe, and will argue, that life begins 14 days later, or at 24 – 27 weeks – or even at the actual birth.

    Choose as you will, but watch your tone when you berate others for choosing differently, otherwise you (knowingly or not) are infringing on the rights of others – in this case, women.

  • mendezjb

    Sweetheart, I didn’t share my feelings with you. I shared a biological fact. Reproduction has taken place when you’re pregnant. Reproductive freedom ends after you’ve reproduced. Then you’ve moved on to infanticide.
    Yes, I will berate you for killing a kid. Get over it.