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Police Beat: Purse snatching fail in downtown Orlando

January 31, 2014

Here’s one for the #Floridaman archives.

A man and a woman were walking on West Washington Street on Jan. 29 at 4:23 p.m. when 38-year-old transient Moises Estrada approached from behind and tried to snatch the woman’s purse.

Estrada is 5 foot, 2 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds, and apparently he lacked the physical prowess to seal the deal. The woman held onto her purse, but greed got the better of Estrada, who tried to win at one-on-one tug of war with the woman.

Her companion struck Estrada with an umbrella, but the thief couldn’t smell a losing battle and kept hanging onto the purse. So, the man tackled Estrada and held him down until police arrived.

According to records from the Orlando Police Department, when authorities arrived, Estrada said in Spanish, “I don’t know why that white guy jumped on me. I just bumped into the girl,” leaving everyone to wonder whether his excuse was more lame than his embarrassing shot at trying to be a tough guy.

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