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Police Beat: TVs stolen from Johnny’s Fillin Station, Orlando police save heroin addict

June 24, 2014


Last Saturday morning, employees at Johnny’s Fillin’ Station on Fern Creek Avenue came into work and discovered that an LCD flat-screen television had been stolen from the courtyard area. Police said that the suspect used the restaurant’s ladder (which turned up negative for fingerprints) to access it. The wires were snipped from the mounting fixture and it was taken right off. The last time this happened was a couple days before, on Wednesday, June 18, when the same type of flat-screen was stolen from the same spot in the same fashion. In all, this is the fourth television ganked from Johnny’s Fillin’ Station in a three-week period.

On Sunday just past 2 a.m., a fight broke out between two women on Central Boulevard in Downtown Orlando, and when police tried breaking it up, a man attacked them. According to police, Lavoski Xavier Butler, 23, tried grabbing an officer from behind as he removed one of the women, police said. Seeing this, Officer Payne Maddox intervened and seized Butler’s wrist, ordering him to stop. Butler slung the officer’s hand away and took on a “bladed stance” (cop talk for “putting your dukes up”). Like Indiana Jones in the face of a giant swinging a scimitar, Maddox took the quick route to victory by hitting Butler in the eyes with pepper spray. This gentled him up for cuffs, and he was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, much like the two drunkos who probably had one too many booze-slushies at Chillers later that night. Read on for more on that situation.

When Officer Chris Tardif showed up at the Church Street bar around 9 p.m., a manager told him that Greg Membreno, 38, drunkenly sat on a rail out front, fell off and proceeded to demand free drinks. The manager says he asked Membreno to leave, but he refused. Tardif said he informed Membreno that he had been trespassed from the bar and had to exit immediately or face arrest. Through bleary eyes there was a flicker of understanding, a vocal acknowledgement, Tardif said, and the officer began escorting Membreno, along with his friend, 35-year-old Kris Shea, toward the door. But it became clear that Membreno didn’t understand and a struggle ensued as he abruptly turned around and allegedly stated, “No, I’m not going anywhere – he can’t make me leave.” A melee ensued: Tardif tried to cuff the suspect and yelled for his cooperation, while Membreno allegedly turned toward the officer to get his hands free. They knocked a table over, causing a hematoma on Tardif’s shin, and Shea allegedly tried helping his friend by striking Tardif on the head with a brown flip-flop. “Don’t touch him! What are you doing?” Shea demanded, according to the police report.

Tardif pepper-sprayed Membreno and manhandled Shea to the ground, pinning the two men in a stack until reinforcements arrived.

While Officer Tardif was busy getting those two drunks in check, 19-year-old Martin Pagan had stopped breathing as he lay in the back of a parked vehicle at a Walgreens on Colonial Drive. Two Orlando police officers by the names of Broadhurst and Keefe were the first ones on scene, and they used CPR to revive the dying man, according to a report. Pagan was fully responsive after being placed in the back of an ambulance. His comrade, Madison Diaz, told police that Pagan was a heroin addict.

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