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Police Beat: Mugger seeks bus pass, woman lays ambush with box-cutter and bleach

April 25, 2014

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Criminals got pretty stabby this week, according to Orlando Police, but thankfully their efforts were abject failures.

On Thursday, Chris Griffin was waiting for a bus on West Colonial Drive when he observed a guy drinking booze not far away. The man was Haitian-born Gesper Alexis, 31, who presumably needed some liquid courage to get his blood up before approaching Griffin. Alexis pulled out a pocket knife, locked the blade back and threatened a stabbing if Griffin didn’t hand over his Lynx bus pass.

While Griffin states in a police report that he was in fear for his life, he held fast and refused Alexis, which, it turns out, was enough to make the drunk mugger’s plan fall apart. Alexis retreated into a nearby apartment complex, where he was detained by a security guard and an Orlando police officer.

On Tuesday another bladed scenario unfolded at Jones High School when police responded to a call about a fight.

Tierra Gipson, 19, waited outside the school to attack another girl with a box-cutter and a bottle of bleach. She admitted her guilt to police and claimed that the ambush was a preemptive strike: “Gipson explained that she has been having issues with some girls and she thought she might get jumped,” the police report reads.

Ironically, though, it was Gipson who showed up with reinforcements, and it’s probably a good thing, too. One of the back-up girls – Gipson’s cousin – snatched the bleach and box-cutter from her hands before blows were thrown. So instead of assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, she was only charged with aggravated assault with a weapon and simple battery. Still, her brutal tactics would be of great use in the land of guard towers and spoon shanks.

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