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Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando to open new location in Kissimmee in May

April 1, 2014

Today, Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando announced that it will open a new health-care center in Kissimmee at the end of next month. Minutes after we received the press release announcing the center, we received another press release from Dr. John Littel, MD, announcing that during tonight’s Kissimmee City Commission meeting, “concerned residents” will provide public comment against what they are calling a “new abortion clinic.” The email doesn’t acknowledge the fact that the new center will be a full-service reproductive health center, offering everything from AIDS/HIV counseling to breast-cancer screenings to vasectomies and well-woman screenings. Because, abortion clinic.

“The new facility is currently undergoing renovation to meet PPGO’s specifications,” Jenna Tosh, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando said in an email. “The Kissimmee Health Center will have 8 exam rooms, 4 counseling rooms, and ample space for educational seminars and community meetings. … We are looking forward to opening our doors in May and serving the community of Osceola County women and families.”

Tosh said that if the opponents of the new center were truly committed to reducing the number of unintended pregnancies, they’d be working with Planned Parenthood to “increase access to affordable birth control and comprehensive sex education.”

The facility will be the third one in the area run by Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando. The other two are located in downtown Orlando and on the east side of the city, not far from the University of Central Florida. Tosh says that as the region has grown, the need for affordable health services has increased. Osceola County has a fast-growing Hispanic population with limited access to health services. The organization’s goal is to bridge that gap and to, as Tosh says, “provide Osceola County residents with the essential reproductive health care services they need.”

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  • JigglyBits

    I do not like a borscht in a bowl. I prefer a pierogi on a plate.

    I also think the people protesting have been hoodwinked. Some preacher must have condom into thinking that education about the happy-tingly parts is bad.

    Someone should send them a Ma’am-o-gram to let them know that education is not evil.

  • Jon

    disgusting… hundreds showed up to protest these baby killers at the city commission not one, pro-choice person… Kissimmee does not want this death factory in our community

  • JigglyBits

    Let’s be honest, if these are death factories, it is a very inefficient way to go about it. You have to encourage young women to have the sex. Then, of those women that have the sex, you only have a small portion who get the pregnant.

    Then, out of that number that get the pregnant, you have to convince them to go to the clinic. Then, while at the clinic, you have to convince them to open wide and allow for the procedure.

    As a death factory, the dollar per murder is so incredibly low. It would be much more cost effective to dump poisonous gas into the water main, then steal a device that instantly vaporizes all the water in Gotham, and then watch the city tear itself apart.