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Pam Bondi is now a quirky rock song

August 19, 2014


Thanks to our friends at Broward-Palm Beach New Times, we now know that Attorney General Pam Bondi, last seen begging the court system to slow the fuck down because all this gay marriage noise is getting too expensive (which is rich when you consider how much Bondi has spent defending other partisan issues), has miraculously been transported into an anthem. The conduits for this surprise transformation are Boca Raton duo Wolfcat, a husband-wife team with gay family members. Here’s Wolfcat!

wolfcat-thumb-560x418Seems to us that Wolfcat like a dirty wall or two. Anyway, the harmonic indulgence isn’t half bad in “Pam Bondi (Is There Any Love In Your Heart),” harkening back to something akin to Timbuk 3 playing a beach bar. And, as the New Times points out, Bondi may not be the first AG to find transformation via the arts.

“Bondi is not the first female attorney general to be immortalized in pop culture. In 1998, Miami bass rapper Anquette recorded “Janet Reno” – though that was an homage to the AG, for enforcing child support laws. And Crimea’s attorney general is a frequent muse for fan art.”



I know that you’ve been in love at least three times before
Stood in front of all your friends and promised and swore
All the people that I know, they want to feel the same thing too
None of them have ever needed permission from youAn eye for an eye would leave both of us blind
So just consider this a shove
You’re not on the wrong side of history
You’re on the wrong side of love

Pam Bondi, is there any love in your heart
Pam Bondi, is there any love in your heart, for me and my family?

We are waiting for the courthouse to open its doors
We’re waiting in the boardroom on the thirty-first floor
We’re waiting to be Mom and Mom or maybe Dad and Dad
We’ve been waiting such a long, long time
We’re starting to get mad

We’re waiting in churches
We’re screaming from the pews
We’re holding hands in hospitals
We are just waiting on you

Pam Bondi, is there any love in your heart
Pam Bondi, is there any love in your heart, for me and my family?

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