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Orlando Sentinel photographers will have to reapply for their jobs

February 27, 2014

The National Press Photographers Association is reporting that all photographers working for the Orlando Sentinel, including the photography director, were told that their current jobs have been eliminated and that they’ll have to reapply for new, more “videocentric” photo jobs if they want to keep working for the paper.

According to the NPPA, photographers have until tomorrow (Feb. 27) to reapply for jobs with the Sentinel. Outside applications are not being considered for photo jobs at this time, the NPPA reports, but employees from other Sentinel departments can apply for them.

The goal, according to an unnamed source quoted in the NPPA’s story, is to reduce the number of still photography positions at the paper and replace them with video photographers. The source also says that there will be two new “mobile photojournalist” jobs, in which reporters armed with iPads and iPhones will shoot video while out in the field.




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  • KTA

    I’d rather the Sentinel keep the photographers on and just put Mike Bianchi on the firing line instead, but that’s neither here nor there.