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Orlando barber shop operated as illegal strip club

July 3, 2014

An Orlando business owner was arrested on Sunday for turning his barber shop into strip club. Super Fades Barber Shop, located on Pine Hills Road, looked like a typical barber shop during the day, save for the pole in the center of the joint.

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation discovered that on Saturday nights, Derrick Price, the owner of Super Fades, charged patrons $10 to get in and served liquor while women, some under 18, danced nude.

After a months-long investigation, MBI officers escalated the pace of their case, after realizing that at least one of the illegal dancers was only 17.

Price denied running an illegal strip club in his shop, telling WFTV, “It’s customer appreciation. I thank my customers for coming in and supporting me, that’s all it was.”

Giving back to his customers in this manner landed him with four charges: allowing a worker to engage in nudity, allowing a person under 18 in an adult entertainment establishment, operation of an establishment without a valid license and possession of alcohol without a license with intent to sell.

The underage dancer was also arrested, charged with lewd acts and adult entertainment crimes.  Investigators are looking into the possibility that the girl may have been forced to work against her will.

MBI, as you may recall, loves to investigate anything related to strippers. Remember back in mid-2000s, when they allegedly paid strippers $7,000 to make outjailed old ladies for selling porn and blew into a dancer’s vagina during an investigation of Cleo’s? They also investigated us once, not for stripping, but for “aiding and abetting” prostitution by selling ads to sex workers.

Anyway, the MBI caught some of the Saturday night action at Super Fades on camera as part of their investigation and, if you’re so inclined, you can watch it over at News 13.

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