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Oh, Villagers! A cougar and her prey arrested for public fornication

June 4, 2014

Monday evening, Margaret Ann Klemm and David Alan Bobilya were caught (literally) with their pants down at Lake Sumter Landing pavilion in The Villages. At 68, Klemm, who is a resident of “Florida’s friendliest retirement hometown,” is almost 20 years Bobilya’s senior. (He’s not quite old enough to be an official resident himself.) That didn’t stop them from stripping down, pushin’ up their shirts and bumpin’ uglies. And you’ve gotta give the cougar credit for pulling in a younger man … and convincing him to sex her in public.

Lake Sumter Landing is home to live entertainment every night of the week from 5-9 p.m., but those who hung about after the show on Monday may have been treated to an encore they weren’t expecting. You know what the most disturbing part is, though? The retirement community’s live music venue has a live webcam.

The pair were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. No word if they know that they were live on candid camera.

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  • Gritty

    “A cougar and her prey”…..” No word if they know that they were live on candid camera.”…..Seriously?? I hope orlandoweekly doesn’t actually PAY you to write such drivel!

  • Allan Simon

    It Takes A Village